My Approach

My coaching philosophy is based in how you consciously relate to all areas of your life; especially the 3 big ones- yourself, your career/purpose, and your intimate partner.

This means that in order to be energetically clean and present to your life there needs to be clearing, alignment to who you actually desire to be and then becoming embodied in that way of being.

My coaching style is unorthodox, and also very grounded and actionable. My approach has been formed over 14 years of studying human behavior in myself, my family, and my clients, I've working with over 5,000 humans along the way.

I'm unique in my approach that I'm not attached to any one "style" of coaching. Life is not one size fits and that means my coaching is not one size fits all either. I listen, ask questions, and challenge you to step into the greatest version of you. I am a master at diving into the deep (maybe) dark and potentially very light places we need to go and bringing it all back to how well can you human. This all points to building a somatic body to gracefully hold and steward the life, wealth and relationships that you desire.

Coaching modalities that I use are NLP, non-violent communication, trauma-informed guidance, nervous system capacity work, shadow work, inner child and inner teenager work, somatic detangling, embodiment practices, breath-work, primal therapies, spirituality, meditation, nutritional consultation, imago therapy and dialogue, ontological coaching, and psychedelic facilitation and integration.

Dating & Relationship Coaching

No matter where you are on your journey it's not about wanting something, it's about becoming someone; becoming the man that can hold and steward the relationship of your wildest desires.

The truth is that you can do all the manifesting, visualizing, and journaling about the woman and the relationship your desire, but if you're not capable of holding her and it, you will miss it all together or sabotage it.

Until you create the space in your nervous system and build an energy and vibration that can allow, receive and hold what you desire you will not experience that which you desire.

This is where I come in, I will teach you all the embodiment practices, nervous system regulation practices, and space holding techniques so that you can truly show up for you woman.

Transform Your Relationship, Transform Your Life

Are You Ready to Find Peace, Freedom, and Presnce in Your Relationship?

For Men Who Want More Than Just a Relationship – A Journey to Self-Worth, Core Truth, and Sacred Union

You're not alone in your struggle. Many men find themselves feeling trapped, under appreciated, and indecisive in their relationships. But what if I told you that your current challenges could be the gateway to not just a happier relationship, but a more fulfilled life?

The Offer

This program is designed for high achieving men and couples who are:

>Unhappy in their relationship

>Struggling with connection to their relationship

>Feeling trapped and under appreciated by their partner

>Facing indecision about their future and the future of the relationship

>Feel the overwhelm of trying to do it all, and feel exhausted and disconnected because of it

We focus on getting clear about what you truly desire and are comitted to while anchoring into your core truth.

This isn't just about fixing a relationship; it's about transforming your entire approach to life, Love and Truth.

The Trajectory

>From Conflict to Connection: Learn how to turn rupture into opportunities for deeper understanding and connection.

>From Indecision to Commitment: Discover the power of making decisions that align with your core truth.

>From Pain to Presnce: Transform your emotional turmoil into capacity and presence.

>Anchoring into Your Core Truth and Love: Reconnect with your true self and what Love is asking from you.

Program Details

>6 Months

>Breakdown: 4-5 months of intensive coaching, 1-2 months of integrative coaching

>Deep Dive Calls: 60-75 minutes 2x per month, with text support in between

>Potential Special Inclusions: 1-2 Breathwork Journey, 1 Psychedelic Ceremony

>Investment: begins at $3,000/month with a 3 month minimum commitment

The High Cost of Inaction:

Without addressing these issues, you risk:

>Divorce and Financial Loss: Potentially losing millions in a divorce settlement

>Home Life Misery: Continued unhappiness and discontent in your relationship

>Risk of Infidelity: Increased likelihood of cheating or being cheated on

The Path Forward:

>Being able to love and be yourself fully and to be loved as you are

>Peace in your Relationship: A harmonious and fulfilling partnership

>Freedom: No longer feeling constrained by the chains of indecision and emotional turmoil

>Presence: Being fully engaged and joyful in your relationship and life.

The First Step >>> You Decyde

Are you ready to overcome your relationship challenges and embrace a life of peace, freedom, and presence?

Schedule a time with me to align on what’s next for you. It's time to turn conflict into connection, indecision into commitment, and pain into presence.

Come back home to your core truth and to Love.

This is more than a coaching program; it's a transformational journey; you will never be the same.

Are you ready?

About Me

My name Sam Gibbs Morris, I am a thought leadr, speakr, author, men’s retreat facilitator, spiritual teacher, conscious dating & relationship coach, and The Conscious Outlaw™.

I am devoted to teaching men to create capacity in their nervous system so that they can gracefully step into the next evolution of their masculinity to better receive and hold the entirety of their lives, especially the feminine energy and the life force within themselves

I spent 40 years of my life hoping that people and the external world would save me; it wasn’t until I deeply healed and took radical ownership that was my job, and only my job, did I finally figure out who I really am; what I really am. ​I achieved becoming a very high-level tennis player. It took me all the way through college where I received a scholarship and I played #1 for my college team. When my tennis career came to an end, the downward spiral began. I fell deep into a shame-fueled abyss of drugs and alcohol. I ended up in jail 20+ times, rehab six times, and in 2009 I attempted suicide by jumping off the second-story balcony of a bar; a 35 ft fall to the pavement below.

When I pulled myself out of that darkness, I found my purpose and I embarked on my mission- to guide men to expand their capacity to hold and to experience their entire lives. I hold space for men to seek their edges, lean into their edges and transcnd their edges. It's the same process that got me to where I am.

Through my journey of expansion, I have sat with shamans deep in the Peruvian Amazon for 3-weeks, gone to the depth of my shadows and been witnessed there by 332 other men on the coast of Oregon, lived solo in Tulum for 8 months to really go inward with myself, and now I'm here to guide you to back to yourself.

Right now I have never felt more like myself and the inner knowing of myself grows deeper all the time.

I am the person to guide you to your edges, to transcnd them, and to become an embodied masculine presence because this has been my path.  

As a child, I physically needed saving and I took that belief with me throughout my entire life; I needed to be saved in order to survive and to be loved- being saved was my love language.

I ended up living in a prison built by my own edges for 40 years. I was always hoping the next girlfriend, job, bottle of booze, or geographic move would save me. 

It wasn’t until I started trusting myself that I actually started saving myself, and truly living my life as an embodied masculine presnce.

My edges stopped being my prison when I stopped looking away from them.

Men- I’m here for you, waving my flag high, to guide you to your edges, to hold you while you lean into them, and then lead you beyond them.

Gentlemen, It’s time to transcnd your edges and become an embodied masculine presnce.

It's time to find out what you're REALLY capable of as a man, and who you're REALLY capable of being for yourself and for the world around you.

To accomplish that, you must seek out your edges and transcnd them.

What does "transcnd your edges" mean?​To get this out of the way, the spelling of 'transcnd' above is intentional. I have left the "e" out because to truly transcnd ordinary and step into your most high expression you must get your ego in check, aka- out of the way.

Edge: a line or border at which a surface terminates; a brink or verge.​Your Edge: a person, place, thing, feeling, experience, or event that makes you feel like you're about to lose your shit; aka triggered.​As men we operate in one of two camps; we’re either being the safe embodied masculine or we’re operating from the place of a dangerous ungrounded masculine.

It’s our duty to provide safety and protection for the world around us; there's no more important part to that world than the feminine energies that we share space with.

When you are operating from a place of fear, shame, guilt, insecurities, lack of trust, or other underlying stories, programs, unhealed wounds, or traumas, you’re in the dangerous masculine energy and you're a liability to yourself and the people around you. 

Coming from that place means that you’re lacking range in your body, your mind, your emotions, and that your ability to respond is compromised; your edges are running the show.

Every time you come up against one of your edges that you don't have the capacity for, you have lost the ability to respond (safe masculine) and you react (dangerous masculine).

If you don’t seek out your edges, lean into them, and then transcnd them, those edges are your prison.​It's time to find out who you're capable of becoming, the man you're capable of being...​For yourself...For the world around you...​As a man- in and of- this world.Your world is calling forward.​My coaching is rooted in the idea of expansion; I will guide you to your edges, hold you there while you lean in, and then lead you into the embodiment of your new experience.

When you transcnd your edges, you create range in your body, your mind, your emotions, and your behaviors; you become the safe, divine masculine. 

You now have the ability to respond (safe masculine) as opposed to reacting (dangerous masculine).

When you can hold your own energy, you can hold the feminine energy; you have now become a safe place for the feminine energy to be.​It's time that we learn to unconditionally trust ourselves to handle whatever life throws at us; I did a TEDx Talk about this that you can watch here.

The feminine is the life force of this world.

When you can hold that force, respond not react, and stop looking away, you have tapped into The Full Fuck Yes Frequncy.

By creating range in your body, your nervous system, and how you show up in the world you step fully into your warrior. To be a warrior and not be at war with yourself, and the world around you is the true definition of divine masculinity.